What is hudsonpro?

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hudsonpro is an Independent movie company based out of Central Oregon and is comprised of three core members, of which you can find more information on below.


hudsonpro's first full length release was the action/horror 'Necropolis Awakened,' released in 2003 and shot on less than 10k. The production itself almost exclusively consisted of Duke, Garrett and Brandon, all handling multiple duties including writing, directing, acting, producing, editing and more. This ambitious effort was picked up for distribution by 'Pathfinder Pictures' upon completion and gained favorable reviews in Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Creature Corner, Dark Horizons and more.

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With their first release under their belt, hudsonpro moved onto the methamphetamine drama 'Downfall,' also following a similar pattern in that hudsonpro handled almost all production work, this time aided in front of the screen by many Law Enforcement and ex-meth users, playing their respective counterparts onscreen.

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Once Downfall was completed hudsonpro decided on a different path for the movie. Instead of immediate distribution they choose to travel with the movie, screening it at various locations including event centers, Theaters, High Schools, and Indian reservations. This proved a success, which involved hudsonpro traveling as far as Alaska to screen the movie to those interested more in the 'Meth' subject.

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In the winter of 2005/06 hudsonpro began work on their next project, the teen victimization drama 'Silent Message.'

The movie was unlike anything hudsonpro had attempted before, seeing as it was made in collaboration with high school students in an effort to raise awareness regarding sex abuse.

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The end result is an interesting mix, part documentary, part narrative drama. First, we see how the project was formed: interviews with survivors of sex abuse and law enforcement and the shooting of the movie. Second, we see the narrative project itself: A film made possible through the help of Jefferson County High School students, who donated their time and talent to help "Make this silence heard."

Silent Message was screened to sold out audiences and in March of 2008 was awarded the F.B.I.'s Director Of Community Award.

Who are hudsonpro?

Duke White 2

Duke Writer/Producer/Actor

Garrett White 2

Garrett Director/Editor/Writer

Brandon White

Brandon SFX/Actor

...hudsonpro is a father/sons team, their first production was the low-budget 'hit and run,' shot on their home video camera and edited vcr-to-vcr...

A little more...

hudsonpro was the direct result of father (duke) and sons (garrett/brandon) addiction to their home video camera and the subsequent no/low-budget movies which were filmed beginning in the winter of 1997. Using friends and family, hudsonpro's first forray into video production was 'Hit and Run' a no-budget horror movie which clocked in at a little over 30 minutes and which proved to be the spark that started hudsonpro's fire.

The journey towards their recent production, 'Silent Message,' has been one of trial-and-error, with no previous film school credentials between the three of them, hudsonpro has continued to hone their skills over the years and what once began as a backyard hobbie has progressed to much more than they ever could have imagined back in the winter of 97'.

With their two current productions released, Downfall and Silent Message, hudsonpro is now ready to move on forward, but where? Time will tell...