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" The result is on child sexual abuse that is rattling towns across Oregon. "- The Oregonian 

Silent Message

"It [Silent Message] was something that was really needed for the community.  I can't really put it in words.  You had to be there [at the screening to the Warm Springs community] to feel the sorrow, the grief that they were feeling because of what happened to them.  During the event there were kids and people from the audience that also disclosed how they were victims of abuse."" says Viola Govenor of the Warm Springs Victims of Crime Services.  - The Spilyay Tymoo, Warm Springs Oregon.

"The gang rape scene in "'Silent Message"' is suggested, rather than graphically depicted.  So are those scenes involving incest and suicide...Even before the viewing, their [Madras Youth Development Team] peers shouted and applauded in appreciation.  Missing were the sneers and snickers generally associated with high school gatherings."  The Bend Bulletin, Bend Oregon.

Below are comments from tribal members from Warm Springs Oregon after seeing "Silent Message."  The comments are provided by Sarah Frank who works as Women and Children Services coordinator on the Warm Springs Reservation.  Sarah has shown the movie to various groups in including correctional facilities, women's shelters and the general public. 

“This has become a problem; silent message is a great movie.  It illustrates actual footage of what’s going on with our teens.  Working with kids this opens another door to what’s going on and how it affects their every day life.”

 “Today’s movie was very eye opening, it helped me realize that a lot of bad things really do happen in the most unexpected places, it was somewhat educational while also being revealing about what people must go through before and after the assault happens.”

" I’m really glad you and the students made the movie Silent Message because it was good to let the people know about the victim’s point of view especially if there school and don’t really have anybody to trust inside of school as well as outside.  I think it was great that the student’s volunteers made and participated in the movie “Silent Message”. 

“I really liked it, it really touched my heart way down deep inside”.  “To the people that made the movie I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I never in my life knew what my niece went through in her childhood.  I am glad that these feeling finally came out instead of burying her feelings.  I feel hurt way down deep inside knowing that child abuse, sex abuse is still happening around the world still yet today.  I pray everyday for this to be stopped around the world.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Marva Lawrence.

"It was very productive – the ages/different genders that you covered one subject with so many complex types & issues are covered.  I was truly impacted with empathy for the victims that have chosen to take their lives and hope and want to be an active participant in helping survivors and recognizing grooming and hoping to educate others to accomplish prevention.  Hats off to those interviewed and to this taboo message being heard.  Thank you.  Becca