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"It's way better, and certainly much more fun, than it really has any right to be. This is the do-it-yourself attitude of indie-filmmaking at its finest.

Necropolis Awakened

“Similarly microbudgeted but far more ambitious in its scope is Necropolis Awakened (Pathfinder), which is also the work of two brothers, Garrett and Brandon White, along with their father, Duke.  Previously reviewed in a two-hour cut, the movie has been whittled down to a tighter 96 minutes for release, and while the pacing still lags at times, this combination postapocalyptic car-chase flick/zombie shocker has an overall energy and professionalism that make it stand out in the indie field.  The Whites’ achievement is even more remarkable given that they handled practically all the production chores (as well as most of the lead roles) themselves.”'  - Fangoria Magazine Issue #224 page 67 - 2003 

“Shot for under $10,000 (US) with an entire cast/crew of – count ‘em – four people, the boys at Hudson have once again managed to forge fine wine from ass-sweat, and my horror hat goes off to their’ brain–damaged Pulp Fiction meets Day of the Dead presentation. “  - Tom Dragomir - Rue Morgue Magazine Issue #31 – 2003

" Actually, that's pretty much the best way to sum up Necropolis Awakened as a whole: It's way better, and certainly much more fun, than it really has any right to be. This is the do-it-yourself attitude of indie-filmmaking at its finest. Apart from the occasional zombie extra, Garrett, Brandon, and Duke White play all the parts themselves. We've already covered Duke's uproarious portrayals of both Bob and Judas, but he's not alone in pulling double-duty, as Brandon plays Gog and Nefarious. Garrett, meanwhile, sticks to one role – Bob's nephew, Titan – but give the guy a break. He was busy directing the thing. "   -Trevor Snyder - 411MANIA.COM - 10.22.07

"Overall, the brothers do well with their limited budget, and manage to squeeze a lot of value out of their $10,000. It will most likely end up with a cadre of cultish fans, but it was sort-of designed to be a cult movie anyway. Faults aside, it’s pretty impressive as a whole. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, you’ll find yourself a new favorite movie here."  -

"Made for a micro-miniscule budget, Necropolis Awakened is literally a family project from writer/director/editor/actor Garrett White (he plays Bob's cousin Tiden, an unwitting accomplice), who is one-third of the crew, along with special effects supervisor/actor Brandon (his brother, who plays Nefarious Thorne) and actor/jack-of-all-trades Duke (their father, and a man with a tour-de-force dual role as Judas and Bob). This is a cheaply made little film, no question about it. But it is a wildly enterprising and clever one, and it has far more exuberance and energy than a lot mainstream horror can manage to muster these days. What Necropolis Awakened lacks in elaborate set dressings and high-grade special effects (or extra cast members, for that matter), it more than makes up for in a lively script that is sprinkled with Tarantino-edged dialogue and weirdly offbeat characters"  -Rich Rosell - digitally

"Bob the Alcoholic goes to Zombie Land and drops a Herculean Smackdown on some undead ass in the White Brother's NECROPOLIS AWAKENED, the most ambitious micro-budget horror effort to cross my desk. Ever. Period. Bar None. It's a true testimony to the results that a little desire and a good deal of hard work will get you. And as my farmer neighbors are prone to repeating, "nothing ain't worth doing if it ain't worth doing right." -

"Filmed in the remote local of Oregon, Necropolis Awakened begins with one of the best car chases I have seen on a shoe string budget.  Fast cars and blazing guns grab the viewer and throw them headlong into the story… Duke White does a great job portraying, not only Bob, but also Judas, the leader of the hired guns. I’m going to admit something here. I didn’t even realize that Duke White played both roles until the credits rolled. My jaw dropped. I have never been fooled that bad by a movie before… you will not be disappointed with Garrett White’s Necropolis Awakened."  - Reel