Lance Summer's life has suddenly changed for the worst. In the length of one week he's lost his house, his daughter and his will to remain clean - a promise he made himself once leaving the life of Methamphetamine for the first time...a lifestyle he could never imagine himself returning to, until now.

Enter the world of 'Downfall,' a docu-drama shot using real law-enforcement and Meth users, all playing characters very similar to their real life counterparts.

...Downfall deals with Meth, and one former users descent back into a life he thought he had left...

About the movie

Downfall was finished in 2005 and immediately began it's journey shortly thereafter. In a grassroots effort to raise more awareness of the movie and Meth itself, hudsonpro began traveling around the states of Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Screening the movie in smalls towns across the states.

Downfall is available to purchase on DVD. In addition to the movie itself, the DVD of Downfall includes an exciting behind the scenes featurette of the movies long journey, including interviews with Law Enforcement, Meth users, the cast and crew and the reactions of theatergoers where the movie was screened.

About the production

Downfall was the result of hudsonpro's collaboration with Law Enforcement, victims and ex-Meth Users in an effort to tell an exciting but also informative narrative drama regarding the subject of Methamphetamine, it's history and abuse.

The result is a full length production which chronicles one users descent back into the Meth world, all based upon real experiences from Law Enforcement and former users.