Necropolis Awakened


In the small town of Skyhook, trouble is brewing. A corporate company, 'Neo-Genetrix,' has recently moved in and declared the city and it's residents it's own, using the hapless victims as test subjects for their grisly experiments. Although Neo-Genentrix and it's leader, Nefarious Thorne, have successfully turned almost every one in the town into one of their undead servants - one has gone unnoticed, the hermit-like 'Uncle Bob,' a reclusive lush who now knows it's up to him to save what's left of the town of Skyhook.

Welcome to the world of 'Necropolis Awakened, ' a fast paced, low-budget indie that combines action, comedy and horror into a mix that Rue Morgue magazine called 'Pulp Fiction meets Night Of The Living Dead.''

...has an overall energy and professionalism that make it stand out in the indie world...*

About the movie

Necropolis Awakened, released through Pathfinder Pictures in the spring of 2003, has been featured in both Fangoria* and Rue Morgue. In addition, it has also been featured in countless websites including Dark Horizons and Creature Corner.

Necropolis Awakened is available to order at various online retailers including Amazon, Blockbuster, Barnes and Noble and Best Buy.

Featured in the DVD for Necropolis Awakened is a making-of featurette, commentary from hudsonpro and their 30 minute short 'MONSTER.'

About the production

Necropolis Awakened was hudsonpro's first full length distributed production. Due to the low budget of the movie, Duke, Garrett and Brandon - the core of hudsonpro, were responsible for almost 90% of the movie itself, all playing multiple roles in front of and behind the scenes.

This included Duke playing the two leads, Uncle Bob and Judas, Brandon playing Johnny Gog, Nefarious Thorne and countless hordes of zombie extras. This was all rounded off by Garrett handling most of the behind the scenes work, including direction, writing, editing, camera-work and playing Uncle Bob's nephew, Tiden.

The end result is an ambitious action/horror indie adventure which B-Independent calls 'The most ambitious micro-budget movie to cross my desk. Ever.'