Necropolis Awakened – Character Profiles


Nefarious Thorne – Leader of the Undead


Neo-Genentrix, the phony organization Nefarious concocted to be able to worm his way into the town of Skyhook, almost never made it. The townspeople were against Neo-Genentrix from the start, seeing as the organization would have to destroy trees to make room for their buildings. Nefarious had one last chance, to talk the local hero “ Bob “ into helping them. The townspeople looked up to Bob, and if he was on Neo-Genentrix’s side, it would make it easier for them to allow them in.


Uncle Bob – Local hero of Skyhook


After losing his home and resorting to living in a trailer on the edge of town, Bob needed money bad. In came Neo-Genentrix, a shady organization who were willing to line Bob’s pockets with money as long as he helped them get into town. Little did he know he would be destroying the town in the process. Now, wrought with guilt, Bob is on a mission to stop Neo-Genentrix before they move on to the next town.

Tiden – Bob’s Nephew


Bob and Tiden never had a good relationship, so when Tiden came to visit Bob and learned his house was abandoned, and that he was living in a cave rambling on about the undead taking over the town, he was humiliated. Tiden couldn’t believe Bob had sunk so low, that is until Tiden came across the undead first hand.



Johnny Gog – Youngest of the three Assassins


Johnny and Detroit are both pupils under Judas’ ( The head Assassin ) control. He is teaching them all they need to know and when he found out “ Neo-Genentrix “ a small organization needed a hit taken out on a local townsperson, he thought this would be the perfect time to teach Johnny and Detroit some new lessons. Although shocked at first to realize that the undead had taken control of the town, Judas and Johnny ( or Gog as Judas calls him ) got used to the idea…the same cannot be said for Detroit.

Detroit – The honorable Assassin


Detroit was the perfect Assassin under Judas’ control. He got the job done quickly, asked little questions and never complained. But when Detroit learned the Assassins were now working for the sadistic Nefarious Thorne and his band of Undead, he slowly began to change. He became an Assassin to take a hit out, collect his money and leave, not become a part of some maniacal scheme. Now learning that Judas plans on staying with Neo-Genentrix and help them out in the future, Detroit cannot stand it anymore. Defying Judas, Nefarious Thorne and his best friend, Johnny, Detroit now realizes making the right choice may not have been the best decision.   

The Proletariats – Nefarious Thorne’s fanatical bodyguards.


Loyal to only one, Nefarious Thorne, the Proletariats will stop at nothing to defend their leader. Higher in intelligence than their fellow Undead, the minions, the Proletariats were the first step in the ever growing classes of the Undead.

Graven The Beast – An experimental monster and the first in the line of a new class of Undead


Graven is Nefarious Thorne’s personal project and he’s making sure it will put anything else to shame before it.

The Minions – Lowest class of the Undead


Slower moving, cannot talk, travel in packs. These are the characteristics of the minions, easily the most populated of the three classes of the Undead. Most of the people of Skyhook have been turned into minions and they spend each and every day wondering the town…looking for a new victim.


More Character Profiles Coming Soon, including Judas,

the leader of the three Assassins.