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...this silence must be heard...

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Silent Message is the movie shot by high school students which tells the harrowing story of three teens, all the victims of sex abuse, shot in three seperate narrative stories. In the process of viewing the movie we find that sexual victimization crosses all ages, genders and race - and that the consequences of holding in this painful secret only greatly deepens the wound.

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...Silent Message has been screened to audiences as large as 900 people, all with great approval...

About the movie

Silent Message was completed in the fall of 2006 and premiered to a packed crowd of 400 theater attendees, eager to see what the three man independent movie company 'hudsonpro' and a small group of dedicated teens had worked so hard on. The end result was a very emotional experience which has continued to impact audiences.

Silent Message is available for purchase on DVD. In addition to the movie itself, the DVD of Silent Message includes an exciting featurette 'This Silence Must Be Heard,' a thirty minute documentary which chronicles Silent Message from its conception to its completion, narrarrated by director Garrett White and featuring behind the scenes, interviews with survivors of abuse, Law Enforcement, and the cast and crew.

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About the production

The Silent Message project was born from young teens seeing their fellow peers being the victim of sexual and violent abuse and feeling the need to help in any way possible. The result was getting the aid of the small independent movie company hudsonpro, after seeing their previous work 'Downfall' screened at highschools all across Oregon and beyond.

What spawned from that initial idea in late 2005, the need to help fellow teens, blossomed into Silent Message. The screenings of the movie have seen audiences totalling in the thousands wanting to be a part of this very unique and emotional experience.

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